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Vignette: Tim Henschel

Updated: Mar 17, 2019

By: Akaria Stewart, Sincerely, Southern staff

Tim Henschel was a part of the 1994 graduating class at Georgia Southern. Hear about his experience during what he refers to as the University’s “heyday”. Photo courtesy of Tim Henschel.

Tim Henschel is a 1994 graduate of Georgia Southern University. Henschel began his education in 1989 and was originally a student at Georgia Southern College until the school reached university status in 1990.

Henschel arrived at GSU with plans of becoming a physical therapist, but after having discussions with his friends and counselors, he decided the communications track was best for him. He now has a Bachelor of Science in communication arts, which was all that was available at the time.  

Some of Henschel’s best memories of GSU are from the times he spent in the trailer and at the football games.

“The school was obviously growing. We were just in that gap where they just hadn’t built the school yet, but we were in the trailers still having fun,” Henschel said.

“And of course just the football games,” Henschel added, “the team back then were winning national championships, so we were kind of there in the heyday. It was just a great time to be at Southern.”

After graduating from GSU, Henschel began his career as a senior account executive at a PR agency called Ketchum. While there, he prepared programs for clients such as Nokia and IBM. This position built a foundation for Henschel to then work in the corporate sector of communications.

He is now the senior communications leader for a tech company called NCR.

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