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From Hospitality to Theater: Tyra-Ann Marie

Tyra Ann-Marie Wilson is an intern at Trinity Repertory Company in Providence, Rhode Island. Photo courtesy of Tyra Ann-Marie Wilson

Tyra Ann-Marie Wilson graduated from Georgia Southern university in the spring of 2018,with a bachelor’s degree in theatre with a minor in business administration.

Although Wilson has been performing since the age of four, her first role being a pig in the musical,Beauty Lou and the Country Beast, she originally majored in hospitalit management.

“It’s hard to make that leap, where you’re happy but you’re struggling,” Wilson said.

After breaking up and making up with theatre over and over again throughout the years, Wilson dropped her theatre major during her junior year. She was, however,still the president of Theatre South, a student organization.

When planning Cabaret, an annual talent show, Wilson wanted to be in charge of two specific things:the theme of the show and the host, which was Wilson herself.

At the end of every two performances, she performed jokes. After the performance, associate professor Lisa Abbott wrote on the Theatre South Facebook page, suggesting that Wilson try out stand-up comedy.

“I took it as a challenge, and during spring break, I wrote a stand up,” Wilson said. “It took four days to write 45 minutes of jokes. The faculty thought that I was throwing stuff in the air, but I performed in front a select group of people and emailed them the script. And then they were like,‘Yeah, let’s do this.’.”

Wilson performed the first student stand-up comedy performance, Let’s Talk About It, in August of 2018, with a full house that was on the peak of breaking the fire code.

“It was like a Genesis, breaking up with theatre and coming back,” Wilson said.“It was a time stamp of my life, the worst and the best.”

In the spring of 2018, she performed her second comedy show, Stuck, which turned into a love letter, according to Wilson.

Wilson went off to intern for Trinity Repertory Company that August for the 2018-2019 year and has assistant directed for the musical,Little Shop of Horrors.

Wilson strives to be an artistic director and run her own theatre one day.

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