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Carlton Taylor, Profile

Photo Courtesy of Carlton Taylor

Carlton Taylor Shortly after his graduation in May of 2018, Carlton Taylor received his bachelor's in public relations and quickly began his career in PR at the Woodruff Arts Center.

Taylor was presented with the opportunity to work on a team of two,that was once comprised of seven people.He seized the chance, completing projects that reflect the image of Woodruff.

“I was able to come up with a new concept of using our business cards to showcase our campus and art partners while still giving essential information.”

The Arts Center is a non-profit organization in Atlanta that promotes the arts in its three divisions: the High Museum of Art, which houses the visual arts, the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, which focuses on music, and the Alliance Theater, which is for performing arts.

Because it is funded completely by donors, it is important that Taylor displays creativity and originality to draw in prospects.

“A lot of my projects have been based on the internal success of different departments,” says Taylor.What is even more important is that he maintains the standard he sets at the beginning of clientele relationships.

Near the end of his academic career at Georgia Southern, Taylor spent time with Department Chair Pamela Bourland-Davis assisting with coordinating the 2018 Communication Arts Department banquet.

“Dealing with Dr. Bourland-Davis was a big deal for me,” says Taylor.

He says this experience gave him the skills to thrive in Greater Atlanta.Taylor confidently assumed a role in a department upheld by seven people, and along with one other partner, is now the face behind the face, facilitating the needs of three art divisions.

He says he feels incredibly fulfilled in his role.

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