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Vignette: Patrick Griffin

By Keshauna Jones, Sincerely, Southern staff

Patrick Griffin attended Georgia Southern University from 2008 to 2011. He majored in multimedia communications. This picture was taken at WTOC in Savannah, Georgia, where he worked as a production assistant for three years. Photo courtesy of Patrick Griffin

Patrick Griffin graduated from Georgia Southern University in 2011 with a Bachelor of Science degree in multimedia communications.

Born in Alabama, Griffin was raised in Arkansas for eight years, and after eventually settling in the Savannah area, he felt that GSU’s “large-scale,” “small-feel” campus was a place he could call home.

He started off as an architecture major but wanted to keep his options open and see what was available.

He later changed his major and started attending classes in the Communication Arts Department. He focused his studies on courses like mass communication law and broadcast communication.

“I wanted to make sure I was mentally prepared to give everything I had,” Griffin said.

 As an underclassman, he teamed up with Professor Tyson Davis, former students, Skylar Henry and Jim O’Donnell to produce content for “Inside Georgia Southern Football” with Jeff Monken. The group won an Emmy in 2011 for their work.

“It was a team of us working together, shooting the games and doing the interview, and taking all that to do a half-an-hour television show,” Griffin said. “This is what molded us.”

One of Griffin’s biggest challenges was figuring out what he wanted to do after he graduated. At first, he thought he wanted to be a reporter, but once he got in the field, he realized that developing a TV show was his passion.

One of the reasons Griffin chose to be a producer is because of the freedom to oversee the development of a show and showcase the day’s important news.

After graduating in 2011, Griffin traveled to places like Brisbane, Australia and San Jose, Costa Rica. He also worked at WTOC in Savannah, Georgia for three years as a production assistant.

Griffin is currently a news producer at WBTV in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Griffin added that communications majors going into the news business have to give it their all to create the best product possible.

“Keep your mind open,” he said. “and be willing to do anything.”

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