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Vignette: Meg Elwood

Updated: Mar 12, 2019

By Kirsten Floyd, Sincerely, Southern staff

Meg Elwood graduated from GSU in the spring of 2017 and received a Bachelor of Science degree in journalism. Currently, she specializes in small business branding and graphic design. Some of her work can be found on her website, Photo courtesy: Meg Elwood

Meg Elwood is a Georgia Southern University alumna from Savannah, Georgia. She graduated in Spring 2017 and received a Bachelor of Science degree in journalism.

Elwood began her college career in 2013. She chose to attend GSU because of the traditional campus lifestyle, her ability to receive the HOPE scholarship and the livable distance between campus and her hometown. Soon after her acceptance to GSU, Elwood chose to pursue a major in journalism due to her passion for writing, inspired by her former English language arts teacher, Ben Dombroski.

“I had an amazing English professor while in high school who inspired my love of writing,” Elwood said. “I was also interested in design, photography and videography, so I didn’t want to choose a major that was too succinct or heavily focused on one topic.”

Elwood wanted a major that would allow her to graduate as a jack-of-all-trades.

While attending GSU, she was involved with The George-Anne student newspaper from fall 2014 until her graduation in May 2017. During that time, she climbed the organization’s chain of command and held positions as a reporter and editor for the features section, engagement editor and digital managing editor for the paper's digital division.

“Being part of The George-Anne was a great way to gain experience working with people, growing ideas and to be part of an organization for a long amount of time,” Elwood said.

Currently, she is a graphic design and digital publishing instructor at Savannah Technical College, a visual designer at Leopold’s Ice Cream and a freelance graphic designer specializing in small business branding.

In the future, Elwood hopes to be a part of a professional graphic design team specializing in business or product branding and to inspire the world around her through design.

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