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Vignette: Marla Rooker

Updated: Mar 29, 2019

By McKenzie Hamby, Sincerely Southern staff

Marla Rooker shows off her costume during the DragonCon Parade in downtown Atlanta. “I dressed up as Mojo Jojo from the Powerpuff Girls,” Rooker said. Photo courtesy of Marla Rooker

Marla Rooker began her journey at Georgia Southern University in 2011 and graduated in 2013 with a Bachelor of Science degree in multimedia communications.

The “multimedia communications” major is now called “multimedia journalism”. Rooker said she didn’t have an emphasis in journalism, but the major covered a broad spectrum of web and broadcast media. Rooker also minored in international studies.

Rooker originally wanted to be a math teacher because everyone in her family had been teachers. Once she took her first calculus class, however, she decided that math was not the route for her. Growing up, Rooker was interested in video and other camera work, so she finally decided on majoring in communications.

During her time at Georgia Southern, Rooker enjoyed participating in the traditional activities of the university. She said she loved attending football games because those were the times where she really felt like an eagle.

“Some of my favorite memories at Georgia Southern are walking around Sweetheart Circle three times, even though I am not going to be getting married to that person,” Rooker said.

After graduating, Rooker began her career at WTOC Savannah as a news reporter. She spent four years with the news organization before wanting a change of scenery.

Rooker is currently the communications manager for the Atlanta Police Department. She plans events for the department, including promotional ceremonies and police memorial services. She also handles open records requests and manages the department’s website and social media. Rooker was also heavily involved in the strategic planning of Super Bowl 53.

Rooker owes a lot of her success to Georgia Southern’s Communication Arts Department.

“I think that the staff at Georgia Southern are experienced in journalism, and I appreciated their honesty and their encouragement to do more than just what was expected,” Rooker said.

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