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Vignette: Kelli Tellier

By Brandon Pledger, Sincerely, Southern staff

Kelli Tellier graduated from the Communication Arts Department in May of 2018 with a Bachelor of Science degree in public relations. Tellier now works as a public relations coordinator at Reflex Media Inc. in Las Vegas, Nevada. Photo courtesy of Kelli Tellier.

Kelli Tellier is a May 2018 communications graduate making the most of her public relations degree in southern Nevada. Tellier is currently a publicist working in media relations, promoting brands at the marketing agency Reflex Media Inc. While her degree is in public relations, Tellier has found herself in the business of love and matchmaking at Reflex Media, which focuses mainly on dating sites.

Tellier develops relationships with journalists and provides them with stories concerning topics like member success. One of Tellier’s notable interviews was with Yahoo Finance about a study in which Reflex Media found that men who spend the most money around Valentine’s Day are the loneliest, and men who hold doctoral degrees typically spend the most.

Tellier was a junior exercise science major drowning in indecision before communication arts came to her rescue. Her advisor recommended that she pick a skill she was confident in and “go with it.”

She believed in her writing but failed her first PR writing assignment in Professor Michelle Groover’s class. Tellier decided that public relations would not end the way science did. Groover arranged to call Tellier to help her with her writing. From Las Vegas, Tellier woke up 4 a.m. Pacific Standard Time to match Groover’s 7 a.m. Eastern Standard Time and spent the next hour taking tips on how to improve her writing.

Tellier says she’s comfortable and happy in her career.

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