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Vignette: James ‘Conrad’ Randolph

By: Kirsten Floyd, Sincerely, Southern staff

James ‘Conrad’ Randolph is a Georgia Southern University alumnus from Crawfordville, Georgia. He is a Fall 2018 graduate with a Bachelor of Science degree in journalism.

During the summer of 2018, Randolph had the opportunity to intern for one of the most prominent television stations in the region, WJBF News Channel 6 in Augusta, Georgia. After his internship, he landed a job at the station as an associate producer.

“I learned more at my internship because I had hands-on experience,” Randolph said. “The internship is really where I gained the skills I have now.”

As a transfer student from Savannah State University, he enjoyed learning about being a multimedia journalist at Georgia Southern University.

Although he wasn’t in any organizations on campus, he was always busy interning and keeping up with his class assignments from his best but hardest teachers.

“Dean is the one who pushed us the most,” Randolph said of Professor Dean Cummings, Ph.D. “The best example is when we did our news production class. He constantly pushed us and stayed on us about being on time on the journalist side and taking our time on packages.”

He also mentioned how his other professor, Professor Jennifer Kowalewski, Ph.D., constantly graded hard and has never sugarcoated anything to him or other students because she knew that's how it would be in the real world.

Randolph still works at WJBF News Channel 6 as an associate producer but hopes to be promoted to full-time producer soon.

Randolph said he will continue to stay in news and that this profession is where he’s meant to be.

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