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Vignette: Donna Brooks

By Halie Hatch, Sincerely Southern staff

Donna Brooks is a freelance writer with her own company, Red Clay Editorial Services. Photo courtesy of Donna Brooks

Donna Brooks attended Georgia Southern University in the 1980s and graduated with a degree in journalism in 1986. Brooks decided to major in journalism despite her family hoping she’d choose a different path.

During her time at GSU, Brooks ascended the ranks of the school’s newspaper, The George-Anne, and became Editor-in-chief her last year of college. Earlier in her academic career, Brooks found her passion for writing from a teacher, and it hasn’t changed since.

At the time Brooks attended, reporters used typewriters and physically cut and pasted the newspapers every Monday night. Sanford Hall, Georgia Southern’s communication arts building, was a dorm at the time, and Brooks had to have classes all over the campus.

One of Brooks’ fondest memories from GSU is current Department Chair Pamela Bourland-Davis being her teacher. She said the class was very small, around six people, but that it was very personal and to this day, she and Bourland-Davis still keep in touch.

Both Brooks and her daughter are not only alumni of Georgia Southern but alumni of the communication arts department. Her father and grandmother also attended, making the school a legacy in the family.

The best advice Brooks has for students is to network, connect with the alumni and go after internships.

“Don’t be afraid to take an internship, cause it can lead to something good,” Brooks said.

Once a resident of Atlanta, Brooks now resides in Bluffton, South Carolina. She is owner and editor of Red Clay Editorial Services.

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