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Vignette: Chyna James Bright

By Lauren Austin, Sincerely, Southern staff

Chyna Bright is a spring 2017 graduate of Georgia Southern University. She uses her journalistic skills today by managing the company website at her job. Photo courtesy of Chyna Bright.

Chyna Bright fell in love with Georgia Southern’s small-feel, large-scale university. Following in the footsteps of her father and aunt, she chose a university that not only had her major of choice, journalism, but was extremely hands-on as well.

“I kind of always wanted to be a news anchor. I always did the morning announcements in elementary and middle school. I loved talking to people and helping them,” Bright said.

Bright began attending Georgia Southern University in fall of 2013 and obtained her Bachelor of Science degree in journalism in spring of 2017. Her degree helped her find her passion and purpose.

Professors like Gina Germani, Jennifer Kowalewski, and Camille Broadway helped shaped her college experience and left her with lifelong memories.

“Dr. Broadway was my mentor for my thesis and she really encouraged me and pushed me to work at my highest potential when I wanted to quit,” Bright said, “and Dr. K., too, with our election night coverage. That’s one of my best memories with her, and being exposed to that and being able to cover the election.”

Today, Bright uses her journalistic skills by managing the company website at Piedmont Healthcare, where she tracks engagement and finds ways to appeal to the website's audience.

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