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Former Grad Finds Niche in Public Relations

Marilyn Lintel graduated from Georgia Southern University in 2010 with a degree in Public Relations. Lintel said she knew very little of Public Relations when she was first starting out college and made a reference that ,“Samantha from Sex In the City” was her only real knowledge of the career.

As many lower class man do, Lintel bounced from major choices until settling on PR after good research and realizing what her main interests were.

Now based in Los Angeles, California, Lintel has founded her very own agency, Storyline Public Relations. Lintel knew from very early on she wanted to work with the entertainment industry, and started to begin her journey by interning one summer at radio station Q100 in Atlanta, Georgia.

From there on, Lintel began building her resume gaining two more internships before graduating. Building your resume and having experience is something Lintel emphasized on when it comes to preparing for life beyond college. Lintel knew getting a job in her desired career field was no walk in the park, even obtaining an entry level job with experience was difficult, for there are so many others doing the same.

When it comes to her life at Georgia Southern, Lintel found that her fondest memories were those of teachers, classmates, and the relationships formed within the Communication Arts Department.“All the teachers were just really great and that was probably my favorite part”, Lintel says.Lintel was a member of Phi Mu sorority and PRSSA while attending GSU, and found that clubs like helped her make connections to those she regularly would not interact with in and outside out class.

One of her favorite classes, was also one of her most challenging, which was Semantics, Lintel went on to say,“I thought it was so interesting to learn about the different ways that people think, that plays in to PR about messaging and figuring that out for companies and individuals you work for..”

All her hard work led her from Atlanta to Los Angeles, eventually gaining the confidence in her skills and career that she started her very own path, in which was Story line Public Relations.

This agency focuses on the entertainment world, specially things like costume design,film editors, hair and makeup artists and more.Lintel recently attended the 2019 Oscars, where her client Ruth Carter won Best Costume Design for the movie Black Panther, which Lintel calls “The highlight of her career”.

Being proactive and not expecting things to just come to you are things that Lintel lives by, as well as making good relationships and connections, which she says will help you in the long run.

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