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Atlants Native finds her way in Small Town

( “I got to know my professors well,” Koehler said. “I recently got to come down and see Chris,and we realized that we had not seen each other in over 19 years.”Today, Koehler is the co-founder of Koehler & Riddick, LCC, in Lawrenceville, Georgia. Sherepresents clients who have been charged with criminal offences, drug possession and sexcrimes, and shealso handles personal injury cases.Christine Koehler is the co-founder of Koehler & Riddick, LCC, in Lawrenceville and graduated from Georgia Southern University in 1990. Photo courtesy: Christine Koehler)

Christine Koehler graduated with a degree in communication arts and an emphasis in public relations from Georgia Southern University in 1990.

Koehler originally chose the university because she wanted to go to a small college. She recalls travelling from her hometown of Stone Mountain all the way to Statesboro, Georgia, and once she visited, she knew that GSU was for her.

From the Atlanta area, Koehler struggled with settling into a small town at first, but she eventually found her way. Koehler thought she wanted to be a lawyer and started out her college career as a pre-law major,but once she took her first political science class, she didn’t love it, and she knew she didn’t want that to be her life for the rest of her college career.She really loved public speaking, however, and finally settled on public relations. She enjoyed writing and liked the more general classes that a communication arts degree offered, as opposed to an English degree.

“I felt like it was a good foundation for me to go into whatever I was going to do,” Koehler said.

Some of her favorite memories involve the teachings of Patti Pace and Chris Geyerman. She said she took everything that she could from those two professors. She also said that, to this day, she mentally replays things that they said to her on a weekly basis.

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