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Finals Week at Georgia Southern

STATESBORO- Heads up Eagles, it is now finals week for Fall semester. Finals week began on December 1 and will end December 8 for all students.

As students, faculty and staff gear towards the end of finals week in a day, Sincerely Southern catches up with students on campus to recap their fall semester. Undergraduate students Saa'e Favors and DyAsia Brown and graduate student Anderson Johnson have alluded to what the fall semester back on campus was like for them and how they navigated through their finals.

Saa'e Favors is a junior Communications major minoring in Africana Studies. Favors recently changed his major from International Studies to Communications due to a realization he had with a friend about what makes his career fulfilling. "I changed my major because I realized that I lived my life for other people and I wanted that to stop", said Favors. "I changed my major due to my interest in radio and the people who introduced me to the major." Although Favors had a ruff semester due to personal and family issues, he remains hopeful with his new major.

Junior Child Development major and French and Japanese minor, DyAsia Brown stated how her semester was an interesting of a semester she had and how she survived finals week. "Actually my semester wasn't interesting at all, I did a lot to keep myself out of my apartment", said Brown. She is apart of four organizations on campus that keep her busy. "I've had five finals since Thursday and they lasted through this morning", said Brown. "I took my last two finals within a span of an hour and a half." Brown said that she took her finals one day at a time to remain calm as she finished out her fall semester a day early.

Alumni and Mechanical Engineering major Anderson Johnson completed his last traditional semester as a graduate student. This upcoming spring semester he will start his project semester where he will design a guided project. Johnson also works at the Office of Inclusive Excellence as a graduate student here at Georgia Southern. "This was unusually hard for some odd reason and not only for me but for almost everyone I knew", said Johnson. "Mechanical engineering will allow me to make money doing something I enjoyed doing." Johnson alludes to having neither a hard or easy time with taking finals because he took them in the same day. "It seemed as if I didn't have enough time to really rest with the amount of assignments that were given to me", said Johnson.

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