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Celebrating Arabic culture on campus

By: Jamie Deloach, Print Reporter

The Arabic Club at Georgia Southern is working with students encouraging them to learn about and promote the Arabic language and culture.

Every Wednesday, the Arabic Club hosts coffee talks for students not only in the Arabic Club but anyone at Georgia Southern to come and fellowship with them. Their coffee talks consist of just talking about what is going on in life or at school, or even sometimes fun activities such as fun games like karaoke.

For Somaia Abunada, a teacher assistant, who is the coordinator of the Arabic club’s meetings, she gets to learn things about herself while teaching the students about the Arabic Culture.

“It’s a new experience for me and I learn more about my students and friends,” said Abunada. “We get together and we have fun, and all the meetings are really fun.”

Learning about Arabic culture is always the most important thing to the club no matter what the activity may be.

“The goal of the Arabic Club is to teach them the Arabic language and culture as well,” said Abunada. “They are practicing and promoting it the way they find it fun while interacting with other students as well.”

Natalie Harrison, a senior who has been in the Arabic club for five years , talked about how much of the Arabic culture she has learned in her time being in the club.

“How many events and how much you learn about the Arabic culture, there's lots of different ways that we learn about it,” said Harrison.

The Arabic Club participates in different events to spread the Arabic Culture throughout the community like going to different high schools in the area to teach students about the Arabic culture. They hosted a fashion show for the club to display the native clothing from different Arabic Countries. The club also held a potluck where everyone brought an Arabic dish during Ramadan.

Members talked about the memories they shared and how much the Arabic Club meant to them and their future when they graduate.

“You just learn so much through the Arabic club because we get a teacher assistant from the Arab world,” said Harrison.“They bring so many experiences with them and knowledge which I will take with me.”

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