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Bar crawl with Addie: 20ish at Blue Room

By: Addie Robinson

Continuing our bar reviews, me and my friends decided our second-to-last bar review would be the bar most people associate with Georgia Southern, The Blue Room. I had been to Blue Room a few times before, but out of all of the bars except the brand new 5th Quarter, I end up happening to go to Blue the least.

The day we went was the day when it stormed extremely badly until around 8 p.m. We showed up around 9, but the crowd was unexpectedly large for the heavy rain outside. The parking lot was muddy, and I was wearing platform shoes, so making my way to the door was a trek by itself.

Cover for the night was $5, which was pretty average for the bars, and what was very funny is the wristbands they gave us after they checked our I.Ds promoted the place where I work. I turned to my friend, and said “Wow, this is great, I can’t wait to use this 10% off code when I can get this for free every day.”

This night was a little bit different than my usual bar reviews, because the promotion of the night was $1 wells, meaning all of my usual drinks were all $1 for the entire time we were there. This means even though this series is called “20 at ___” but spoiler alert, I only spent about $10, including cover.

My first drink of the night was, of course, a Vodka RedBull. This was one one of my favorites out of all of the bars we had done thus far. I finished this one really fast, just because of taste alone. Even my roommate noticed that it was a personal record. This goes without saying, but this was no question a 5/5 shots.

One of my friends complained that the dance floor was empty, and almost as soon as he said that a group of people went and flooded the area by the DJ. There was a group of girls on the dance floor that were jumping and dancing, while holding hands. I watched them for a while, and it made me happy watching them have fun together.

Soon after, I moved on to a new one for the series, a rum and coke. They poured this one very strong for me, and this one took a while to finish. It took a little bit of enabling from my roommate to get through it. Him being the sober one of the night he was partying vicariously through me. This rum and coke got the job done, but at what cost? This was a solid 2/5 shots.

As a little treat, after finishing that rough rum and coke, I ordered a vodka cranberry. To be completely honest, I did prefer the Southern Social vodka cranberry over this one, but it was still very good. It was really sweet, which was not a problem at all for me. I would give this 4/5 shots.

My friend went outside to try to find if there were any outside games, because he wanted to challenge me to a drinking game, but unlike Social, there weren’t really any outside games so that challenge was put on hold.

The night started to get more upbeat, the room started to get more crowded, and the DJ started to play a lot more familiar music. The vibes inside the building were so good. I was celebrating the fact that I had finished most of my major projects for the semester. Overall, this was such a good night.

We decided to call it around midnight, not without a stop by Cookout, though. This was such a good night out with my friends, between the drink deals and the music and the semester coming to a close, this was a really awesome way to finish a really stressful week for everybody.

As I mentioned earlier, I did not spend close to $20 this night. With cover being $5, and each drink being $1, plus tip, I spent $10 even. Overall I would rate Blue Room as the bar itself a 4/5 shots. I am still slightly biased towards Southern Social, but this was still an incredible night with incredible vibes.

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