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Student Reactions to the Super Mario Bros. Movie

By: Justin Hall, Print Reporter

The Super Mario Bros. Movie is already out in theaters and it’s breaking massive records at the box office, but what did the students at GSU think about it?

Was it game over or a winner? Here are some student reactions!

“I loved it. I’ve played the Mario Bros. game since I was really little. All the references, I completely understood and I thought it was basically made for people like me who grew up on it.”

- Josh Johnson, Statesboro campus

“I really enjoyed the amalgamation of all the games into the movie and the soundtrack for it was really good. Obviously the best song being ‘Peaches’ by Jack Black.”

- Noah Harper, Statesboro campus

“I personally think it’s Illumination’s best film, and it made me a lot more emotional than I thought it would have. If you’re not into Mario, you probably won’t like it.”

- Maya Churchill, Armstrong campus

“I liked the movie. I thought it was a little bit fast-paced. The voices were a bit outside of the box, though. I’m gonna go see it again with some friends.”

- Koya Joseph, Armstrong campus

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