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Penny Wars: Fundraising Edition with Zeta Phi Beta

Updated: Dec 7, 2021

By: Alonna Gibbs & Alexa Ovington

Photo By: Alonna Gibbs

Georgia Southern's Greek Life host Penny Wars for a program called Eagles for Eagles during homecoming week.

Penny Wars is a fundraiser that allows greek life on campus to give back to the community by helping out students who face hardships throughout the academic year.

Eagles for Eagles is a program that allows supplies to be given to students who are in need. President of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Incorporated Denayt Daniel talks about the importance of being able to give back to students. "Eagles for Eagles is an initiative that is funded by Student Government Association", said Daniels. "It is a way for more fortunate eagles to help our fellow eagles through financial hardships and to be that support system that they may not have."

Students who are facing financial hardships that qualify for the program can apply for a maximum one time award up to $750 dollars. "You can get up to $750 donation to help you towards groceries, books, clothes, pretty much like a support system or parent that puts money into your account", said Daniels. This year's Penny Wars proceeds will be donated to the program, according to Daniels.

Students can apply for the program through the SGA website by clicking the "E4E" tab. In order to be eligible for the initiative you must first have to be a student currently enrolled when applying for the program, must have a 2.0 gpa, provide supporting documentation and have exhausted all of your financial aid. Donations can also be made through the "E4E" tab. The minimum donation acceptance is five dollars. For more information on how students can apply visit .

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