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Georgia Southern Alumni College Hacks

By Erin Ware, Multimedia Reporter

When Emily Guebert began her college career at Georgia Southern University in 2017, she had one goal in mind– to set herself up for success.

Just three short years later, Guebert walked across the virtual graduation stage…global pandemic, remember? In August 2020, shortly after her 21st birthday, Guebert accepted a job at General Electric (GE) for medical device sales in Nashville.

Emily’s timeline through college and post-grad was quicker than most college students, which she credits to the time she spent learning about herself and what she wanted to do.

“I think the reason I had such a different process throughout college was because I came in knowing what I wanted to do,” explained Guebert, “I took personality tests, volunteered for different things, and I worked jobs in high school and found out which things I liked about the jobs that I was working.”

Because of this, Emily was able to pick a school and major that matched her needs and interests. From there, she was able to start from day one of college looking for internships and getting the courses done that helped her to complete her degree.

Emily also graduated summa cum laude, meaning she had an overall GPA of 3.85 or higher. While good grades can be difficult to maintain in college, Emily believes that simply showing up to school is the easiest way to succeed.

“Show up to class for every single session, stay before and after, ask questions, go to your professor’s office hours,” Emily said, “ it is so much easier to get good grades if you know your professor, work smarter not harder.”

Guebert admits there were times in college, however, when she felt spread thin or overwhelmed with coursework. Her biggest tip to stay on top of upcoming assignments is to prioritize your work and write it down with a pen and paper.

“Writing things down with a pen and paper have been proven to be more effective than using a computer or phone,” explains Guebert, “and I found it worked best for me.”

Outside of academics, Emily found the university’s clubs and Greek life to be a beneficial resource for her that prepared her for post-grad.

“Greek life has its pros and cons but I think its biggest pro is it prepares you for interviews through the rush process and teaches you how to build connections, friendships, and networking opportunities,” says Guebert, “the sales team, on the other hand, gave me a lot of sales experience before I even got out of school, which was great.”

Since accepting her job at GE, Emily has been challenging herself in different ways.

While in Nashville, Guebert decided to try her hand at social media content creation. In her free moments away from work, Emily began posting short videos of her piecing outfits together on TikTok and Instagram.

Guebert stayed consistent with her content and started catching the attention of well-known brands and other users on the apps. Emily now has 239.7k followers and 4.3M likes on her TikTok page (@EmilyGuebs) and has worked with brands such as CoverGirl, Nordstrom, Lancome, Walmart, and more.

After spending a year in Nashville, Emily accepted an internal promotion at GE which took her to her newest destination– Raleigh, NC. As of March 2023, Emily celebrated one year in Raleigh and her new role at GE.

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