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G.P.A Gas Prices in Statesboro

By: Alonna Gibbs & Alexa Ovington

STATESBORO- Gas prices in the city have once again gone up due to the recent inflation of fuel across the nation.

Local gas prices have surged up to a record $3.38 within the last few weeks. According to NYTimes and the Energy Information Administration, gas rose to a record recording $3.40, which is the highest it has been in the last seven years.

Georgia's average gas price as of December 6, is $3.17 according to Triple A's website for gas. The average for Bulloch County is $3.17, which matches the states average for the month.

Some students who attend Georgia Southern have to commute to campus on a day-to-day basis, which causes them to burn more gas than average especially if they reside off campus. Georgia Southern Junior Saa'e Favors says that on average he at least fills up twice a week, spending about $40 dollars on gas when it originally costed him $25-$30.

"The change in gas prices have been stressful partly due to the amount of traveling that I have done during this semester", Favors. "Also due the inability to gauge how much gas would cost on a daily basis." The junior stated by traveling two and a half hours back and forth to South Carolina during the last 3 months caused him to re-budget his spending in order to afford gas for the semester.

Saa'e alluded to how much money it takes for him to travel back and forth between states. He stated that although money does play a major factor, he does not mind traveling in order to make sure his close friend is well in a different state. "When thinking about expenses for traveling back and forth, it can cost anywhere between $100-$140 depending on food cost and gas in whatever city I stop in to fill up to come back", said Favors.

Out of 159 counties in Georgia, 32 of those counties are in the red zone on triple A's website. Since COVID-19 took way in 2020, gas prices have been fluctuating since then with a record low number of $1.66 recorded for April of 2020 according to interactive chart provided by CBS News. Last month President Joe Biden asked the Federal Trade Commissioners to launch an investigation into potential "illegal and anti-competitive" behavior into gas companies to figure out why gas prices have surged for American consumers.

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