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Exposing Original Organizations on GSU Campus: D.I.M.E.S

BY: Alonna Gibbs & Alexa Ovington

Georgia Southern's "first and original" fashion organization D.I.M.E.S, hosted a Halloween themed show during the school's homecoming week in October.

Designs Inspired Magnificently and Exhibited in Style other wise known as D.I.M.E.S is Georgia Southern's first fashion organization. The fashion organization was created in 2002. D.I.M.E.S is an organization prided on being more than just a creative outlet for students. East Georgia College Business Management Freshman Aaron Goolsby stated what it means to him to be apart of the organization and how it has helped him grow to like modeling.

Aaron heard about the organization through a friend and he decided to join the organization. Considering that D.I.M.E.S went on a long hiatus from campus for unknown reasons, Goolsby alluded to the organization being able to gain some exposure from the show and he is in hopes that next semester that they will get more exposure. "One of the main reasons why I got into modeling is because I like to dress good and I like putting together different outfits and accessories", said Aaron Goolsby. The East Georgia freshman has been modeling for over a year and a half. Goolsby has been apart of the fashion organization since the start of the fall semester.

The theme for the fashion show was horror or fantasy. The fashion designers for the show are students who attend Georgia Southern. More information on how to join D.I.M.E.S is on their social media pages. Their Instagram is @dimesfashion and their Twitter is @dimes_fashion.

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