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$20 at Fifth

By: Addie Robison, Print Reporter

Finally, the time has come when we complete our Statesboro Bar reviews, and to close us out, I decided we would finish with the newest bar to hit the Statesboro nightlife scene, Fifth Quarter. Fifth Quarter has only been open since the fall of 2022, and they have already found popularity among Georgia Southern Students.

This review broke our usual mold because we went out on a Tuesday night instead of a Thursday. Make sure you keep this in mind because the day definitely affects the experience you will have at any Statesboro bar.

We got to Fifth around 9:00 p.m., an earlier time than we usually get there. This did end up working in our favor though because we got free cover. I had never been to this bar before, so I actually didn’t know what to expect from this experience.

The atmosphere of this bar was a bit of a mixture of Southern Social and Dingus MaGees because they had areas to sit, like booths and high tables, as well as an outdoor seating area by the lake and a big open space for dancing and socializing. It is located on the same lot as Southern Social, which on paper sounds like it could be a problem for business, but they figured out a system that works, such as being open on days that Social is closed and having unique specials.

The people here this early in the night made for really entertaining people-watching, because we had a group of girls, where it was one of their birthdays (signified by the birthday sash and crown she was wearing), a large group of guys who had definitely pre-gamed before coming out, and three lonesome people sitting in the outdoor seating.

I started out with my usual, of course, the Vodka RedBull. The bar itself was already crowded, so just like Southern Social, fighting to get my order in was a bit of a struggle. We sat at one of the high tables as I started my drink. The Vodka RedBull was similar to Dingus MaGees, where it was good and refreshing, but not nearly as good as Southern Social’s or Blue Room’s. It was good and consistent, but just that. I would rate this Vodka RedBull ⅗ shots.

Next, I moved on to another new one for the series, just a classic High Noon, pineapple flavor. I wanted to get something canned for the series because I am not a beer drinker, but I wanted to branch out and not just get the usual bar wells. Since this was a standard canned drink, it tasted like every other High Noon I’ve had, which was good. Most of the review for this was going to be the price. These were $6, which to me seemed a little pricey compared to other places that had canned drinks for $4-5. For the price alone, I would also rate this ⅗ shots.

Because this was a Tuesday, that was all I was going to drink that night, however, one of their specials was $5 Marg Buckets for Tequila Tuesday, which was in the hands of almost every patron there that night. These were served in little pails and were apparently very strong. This means that you would get a lot of bang for your buck with these. This was the number one appeal of the night, so because of the popularity, as well as price, and functionality, I would rate the $5 Marg Buckets a straight 5/5 shots.

The environment of this bar, which may be partially because it’s so new, seemed fresh, and even with its proximity to Southern Social, it was really unique. The environment was really cute and had a homey feel. It is a very deserved 5/5 shots.

Overall, this series of bar reviews gave me and my extremely busy friends an excuse to take a break from our busy lives, and just focus on having fun. Since all of us have been in Statesboro for a while, we have been to almost all of the bars we covered, so it was nice to discover something new, like Fifth Quarter.

For Fifth Quarter specifically, I would rate this bar an overall ⅘ shots. The drinks were not as established as the other bars such as Blue Room or Southern Social, but the atmosphere and specials made Fifth Quarter show that they are here to stay.

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