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Letter from the editor: Welcome to Sincerely, Southern

Updated: Feb 28, 2019

Dear Sincerely, Southern readers,

Sanford Hall. To many, it's just one of the numerous academic buildings on Georgia Southern University’s Statesboro campus. For communication arts students, Sanford Hall is home. It’s where ideas for award-winning films first take root and where PR students learn how to create great campaigns. It’s where multimedia journalism students learn what can and cannot get them sued and where theatre students perform monologues in class, pouring out their heart and soul to an audience of their peers. It’s where communication studies students conduct extensive research and learn how to improve communication practices in today’s society.

Our new home, our building, is everything that students who came before us could’ve imagined and more.

Now I know that the name "Sanford Hall" might sound foreign to some of you. The Communication Arts Department had been just about everywhere on GSU’s Statesboro campus before finally receiving a permanent home in 2014.

Some of you might remember the department from its Veazey Hall days or its time in the trailers. Maybe you’re from the Armstrong and Liberty campuses and are just now joining the communication arts family on the Statesboro campus. Maybe you fit some of these categories, or maybe you fit none of them.

This is why Sincerely, Southern exists. We want to bring together all communication arts students, faculty, alumni and more. Whether you graduated in 1969 or 2018, this magazine is for you.

Sincerely, Southern is a communication arts magazine celebrating the 50 years, plus one, of the Communication Arts Department. Why "plus one," you ask? It's because we're celebrating the first year that Armstrong and Liberty joined the GSU community, and we’re eager to add them, and their history, to our magazine.

This is also the first time a magazine like this has been created. As editor-in-chief of Sincerely, Southern, my staff and I are looking forward to hearing from alumni about their time in the department, as well as where their careers have taken them.

But we need your support.

Call us, text us, and follow us on social media. We need alumni to sponsor our print magazine. If you own a business, we have opportunities for you to advertise with us as well.

You can purchase a copy of our print edition on our website.

Maya Angelou once said, “In a magazine, one can get - from cover to cover - 15 to 20 different ideas about life and how to live it.”

Some really amazing content awaits you, so keep checking back to find out where your classmates are. Long live our Communication Arts Department.

Sincerely, Southern staff


Tandra Smith, editor-in-chief

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