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Reynolds Rating: Tandoor and Tap

Updated: Apr 11, 2023

By: Juquetta Reynolds, Print Reporter

Hi, I’m Juquetta! I love to experience new things, so I created this blog to document my food adventures. Follow me and my tastebuds to eight local restaurants in and around Statesboro, GA. I will give my honest opinion of their food, customer service, and atmosphere. A few of my classmates will be accompanying me, but the reviews are solely based on what I eat and experience.

I experienced Tandoor and Tap with four of my classmates: Isabella, Sammy, Jacob and Nakya. I chose this restaurant because one of my professors and Isabella were raving about the authentic food. For an appetizer, we ordered chili paneer for $10. It was delicious! The texture was similar to chicken. I kept saying, “This chicken is so good!”, and Isabella had to remind me it was fried cheese. You could also compare it to the texture of cubed tofu. The flavor was definitely there. It was good alone, but great with the garlic naan for $5. I’m ready to eat it again!

For my beverage I ordered water with lemon and a Sun, Sea and Sand cocktail for $10. It was made of pineapple rum, curaçao, fresh lime juice and simple syrup. I was so happy when I took the first sip and was not overwhelmed with alcohol. It was sweet and the alcohol was there. Now, after it sat while I enjoyed the entrees, it became quite potent. I drank half of it. I would have finished it if I had a designated driver.

Jacob ordered the garlic cheese naan for $9. It was tasty but I did not enjoy the cheese inside. It was very creamy.

For the entrée, I ordered the chicken tikka masala for $16. It was delicious and my favorite of the three entrees. Nakya and Jacob ordered the chicken makhani, also known as butter chicken, for $16. I would not get this again. It had a very creamy tomato taste like tomato soup. Personally, the taste of tomatoes is still growing on me. If you are a tomato fan, definitely try it. The waitress, Karla, and I agreed it is a dish for tomato lovers.

Isabella and Sammy ordered the chicken jalfrezi for $23. If you like bell peppers, this is the dish for you. All I could taste was bell pepper and lemongrass. I am a fan of bell peppers, but it was a bit much for me. The aftertaste of the lemongrass saved the dish. It was refreshing. I wouldn’t order it, but I would eat it again.

For dessert we decided on gulab jamun for $6. It was appealing to the eye, but my taste buds didn’t enjoy the saffron.

Overall, the food received 3 of 3 utensils.

Our waitress Karla and CJ were great. Karla was training CJ, but still attentive to our table. She was knowledgeable about the dishes and checked on us after each course to see what we liked or disliked. I really liked how she described the dishes we ordered to CJ so he would have a better understanding of the menu. Customer service receives 1 of 1 utensils.

The restaurant was nice, but it only had a few decorations. There was a rug on the wall and elephants on a shelf which was a nice touch, but I would have liked to see more traditional Indian decor. Atmosphere received 0 of 1 utensils.

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