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Georgia Towns' Way of Honoring Fallen Soldiers

By: Natasha Young, Javon Huynh and Margaret Brogan

The City of Statesboro places white crosses in front of the Bulloch County Courthouse for Memorial Day May 29. The crosses had names of military personnel from Statesboro who died while serving. [NATASHA YOUNG/STATESBORO]

Flags in Downtown Statesboro were flown at half-staff from sunrise to noon, then they were raised to the top until sundown. This tradition is used to honor and show respect to those who lost their lives. [NATASHA YOUNG/STATESBORO]

The crosses held the names of soldiers like Rufus A. Small who served during World War II where he was killed in action in Italy. Statesboro has 61 listed soldiers who died during WWII. [NATASHA YOUNG/STATESBORO]

Cars pass by the Bulloch courthouse as the flags fly on the crosses early in the morning of May 29. Memorial Day is a federal holiday that takes place the last Monday of every May. [NATASHA YOUNG/STATESBORO]

On May 29, Waycross, Georgia has American flags placed throughout the city to commemorate the lives lost in past wars. The city and residents placed their flags for Memorial Day in the days leading up to the federal holiday. [JAVON HUYNH/WAYCROSS]

Downtown Waycross is home to Doughboy Park, a small triangular park bounded by Plant Avenue, Mary and Lott Streets. The park features the Georgia Viquesney Doughboy Statue and a Vietnam War Monument where various post officers and members who were active in the project are named on a plaque on the back of the base. [JAVON HUYNH/WAYCROSS]

Next to the Waycross Water Tower is the Plant Park Memorial Fountain which is a two-tiered fountain made of cast iron and stands about 14 feet high. The fountain is topped with a three-foot heron with its wings spread and is home to a memorial for fallen soldiers. [JAVON HUYNH/WAYCROSS]

The purpose of this memorial is to recognize the numerous soldiers from Waycross who fought in previous wars and to emphasize that "ALL GAVE SOME... SOME GAVE ALL.” There are other nearby triangular parks since Plant Avenue passes through the downtown area on a diagonal. [JAVON HUYNH/WAYCROSS]

Memorial crosses line the outside of American Legion Post 120 in Waynesboro, Georgia. The retired aircraft located outside of the post is a Lockheed T-33 utilized by the U.S. Air Force. [MARGARET BROGAN/WAYNESBORO]

The memorial crosses list the war that each individual served in. Sidney T. Holton was a resident of Burke County who served in the Vietnam War. [MARGARET BROGAN/WAYNESBORO]

Local members of the American Legion set up and maintain the memorial displays each year. Edwin S. Stephens was a resident of Sardis, Georgia, and served in the United States Air Force. [MARGARET BROGAN/WAYNESBORO]

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