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Clint Williams is a Georgia Southern University alumna, who completed his bachelor’s degree in communication arts in 1994.

Williams explained that his relationship with Georgia Southern’ Communication Arts Department began with dissatisfaction in a series of business classes.

Unhappy with his business major, Williams took his concerns to campus counselors.

When asked what he did in high school, Williams explained that he was an honors student in broadcasting.

It was this exposure that led his counselors to suggest that he become acommunications major.

For eighteen years, Williams was involved with a third party company which handled the financial communication of companies, such as Coca-Cola, and specialized in work designed to guide and assist large companies in their investor communications.

This type of communication was primarily technical and visual and focused on information disseminated to shareholders by these companies.

After his time in financial communications, Williams began his time as vice president at Speakeasy, an intercommunication company based in Atlanta.

Speakeasy helps clients in developing their communication skills from their senior executives to their management teams.“Our methodology for teaching communication skills is built around self-awareness,” explains Williams.

He says that some people might get a little bit of communication exposure in college,but until they get into an environment where they can open up and be vulnerable and try different things, individuals might never get the chance to improve upon their skills.

Some of the notable companies Williams has worked with during his time at Speakeasy include Coca-Cola once again, in addition to VISA, SunTrust, Bank of America and several other Fortune 500 companies.

Williams says that communication is a choice.“People choose how they want to communicate,” Williams said.Williams continues to help companies express themselves in creative, profitable and successfu lways.

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