Catching up with Georgia Southern Graduates


Alumni from the Communication Arts Department have come a long way from their time at Georgia Southern. Here's a look at just how far a few former students have progressed since their time at Southern.

Richard Rogers

Then: Rogers graduated from Georgia Southern in 1981 with a communications degree. He began as a reporter with WSAV that


Now: Rogers has been with WRDW in Augusta since 1993 and has earned widespread recognition and several accolades for his work.


Honor Lind


Then: Lind is a recent graduate, leaving Southern in 2018.


Now: Lind is a photographer, artist and writer who has a variety of creative works.

Harley Strickland

Then: Strickland graduated from Georgia Southern with a broadcast journalism degree in 2017.

Now: She has been with WTOC in Savannah as a reporter since 2017. She now works as the public relations person for East Georgia State College in Statesboro.

Kathryn Burrell

Then: Burrell graduated from Georgia Southern with a theatre degree in 2017, where she acted in and directed several plays.

Now: Burrell is a film critic, film analyst, photographer, theatre director, videographer and currently a graduate student at Northern Arizona University. She also has a site where she blogs about films.

Joey Simon

Then: Simon graduated with a multimedia film and production degree in 2018, having worked on many film projects during his years in the Communication Arts Department.

Now: Simon starred in an award-winning short film for Campus Movie Fest last year, and he plans to continue.

Alena Cowley

Then: Cowley (née Parker) graduated with a journalism degree in 2007, and she was a writer for the George-Anne newspaper.


Now: Cowley is currently a stay-at-home mom and freelance writer in Savannah.

Kierah Highsmith:


Then: Kierah Highsmith graduated with a Bachelors of Arts degree in Journalism in 2017/

Now: Highsmith is currently a producer at WTVF-TV in Nashville, T.N.

Emily Mcleod:

Then: Emily McLeod graduated with a Bachelors of Arts degree in Journalism in 2019. McLeod was apart of number of organizations including SOAR.

Now: Emily now works as a reporter in Florida at WBBW-TV.

Ashley Jones:

Then: Ashley Jones graduated with a Bachelors of Arts degree in Journalism. 

Now: Ashley is now a producer, part-time reporter and a podcast host..

These graduates, along with countless others, have taken everything the Communication Arts Department has given to them, and used it to the best of their abilities, as they continue to represent their alma mater and make the department they come from proud. Below is some of their work. 

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